If your just needing a PA System to play your music through at your party or event then we can help with your requirements. People now use Spotify and other music streaming websites and apps to provide music at such events as.

  • BBQ .
  • Birthday Parties,
  • Childrens Parties,
  • Small events.
  • Weddings
  • Engagments
  • fashion shows
  • School events 
  • Garden party

Hiring a Pa system will help enhance your event and provide better volume than a standard HI - FI system. If you are planning a wedding disco, you obviously want it to look and sound professional while saving you a considerable sum of money, take a look at what we can do to help you.

Maybe you’re organizing a birthday party, a Children's party, a house party or any other event for that matter, where music / lights are required, or you want to hold a party for your friends and be the DJ yourself for the sheer fun of it, if you are, we can help. Holding your own D.I.Y. disco hire is easy, it’s fun, You're in control, and get to choose the music.  

we can provide a lead to connect your I pod, Laptop, tablet, or Cd Players to the Speaker system. we can also provide a basic lighting system to provide disco lighting at your event. Stands for speakers and lighting will be provided free of charge based on a basic set up. Once equipment has been set up we can demonstrate how to use it.

you will require a device to play your music through . I pod, Tablet, Laptop PC. Mobile Phone . you can stream music through Spotify amazon I tunes etc which is usually free or included in your subscription. Fees must be paid upfront and deposit is required. deposit will be refunded once equipment is collected. please note you a responsible for the equipment and it must be used be responsible persons. Any damage must be paid for if not covered by deposit.

Address and photo id will be required

Deposit required refunded once equipment has been inspected for damage, please remember you are reasonable for the equipment once hired out, this includes damage intentional or accidental. 

Note to professional DJ's we do not carry certain types of mixers or EQUIPMENT if your require specific types of equipment please contact a reputable dealer who may be able to help.

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