Party Package

This includes equipment and lighting for your Disco Event

The speakers used are powerful Peavey speakers designed to provide a great sound to fill the room with the correct balance of sound for your Disco Party event

the lighting used is professional Led lighting effects such as 

Stagg head bangers which are moving heads that wash the room with various colours, they can also rotate 360 degree creating plenty of light for your party.

I also use American DJ Comscan units with are a scanner unit that will project various patterns and colours in a sweep up and down and across the room ideal for any Disco party.

Led Derby projects beams of light which I use as a centre piece this is also ideal for any Disco party event.

as you can see by the photos i have placed on the website the disco set up is very adaptable. Many people have commented that it is the best they have seen which many other DJ Disco Providers do not offer.

The DJ Stand itself is pre-wired for ease of use and Idesigned it to provide the best lighting for and Disco Event

the you tube video has the set up in progress of a party I did at a venue in Huddersfield 


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